D-Fend Solutions - BEST IN CLASS RF System

D-Fend's EnforceAir was selected by the U.S. DIU (Defense Innovation Unit) as the "best-in-its-class RF system [...]" among 16 other companies.

EnforceAir has been successfully tested and deployed at high-level U.S. government agencies – including military, federal law enforcement and homeland security departments, as well as major international airports. In addition to detection, D-Fend offers a unique solution for efficient, collateral-free defence against drones.

Enforce Air

EnforceAir, D-Fend Solutions' flagship product for combating unmanned aerial systems (c-UAS), features the world's leading cyber drone defence technology based on radio frequency (RF) acquisition. Our system detects, locates and identifies - in either autonomous or manual mode - malicious drones in your airspace, then neutralises the threat by allowing you to take full control of the drone and land it safely in a pre-defined zone. Because the system does not rely on jammers or kinetic technology, EnforceAir avoids collateral damage, interference, disruption and interference. Continuity is maintained as communications, commerce, transport and daily life run smoothly.

Detect & Alert
Alert when a drone is detected according to its unique communication signal:
- Passive
- Long distance
- Designed to operate in noisy, sensitive environments
Locate & Track
Real-time location tracking by extracting the drone’s GPS position:
- Passive & accurate
- No need for clear line-of-sight
Identify the Drone (IFF)
Extraction of the drone’s unique communication identifier (“tail number”):
- Passive
- Selective: distinguishes between authorized and unauthorized drones in the area (IFF)
Take Control & Land
Setting a new flight path for safe landing of the drone to a pre-defined position:
- Active-RF (brief time period)Defines exact behavior of drone when controlled by the system
- Facilitates safe landing path, preserving continuity
Discover Pilot Position & Identification
Discovery of the drone’s take-off position (home point) with GPS accuracy while in midair:
- Passive
- Indicates drone pilot’s position and remote controller location for most advanced protocols at time of take-off
Disconnecting the signal of the drone operator’s remote control, causing it to fly back to its takeoff position, or to act in accordance with the drone’s original configuration:
- Active-RF
- No reprogramming or data intervention

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